How Andeywala egg restaurant push you towards success

	egg restaurant

If you are looking for some exciting things to do with friends, colleagues or family, why not choose best food services destination. Rather than treating customer like local restaurants, Andeywala could have been one of the best restaurants to dine out. All meals made from natural ingredients, moreover, changes could have made at any time in order as per needs. Typical restaurants have their own rules and regulations but here everything is standard quality, meals are cooked from scratch.

Superior option 

Want to have the best egg restaurant in India at present time; don’t need to focus on anywhere else. Andewala’s business concept ensures all necessary things required by new player while starting business from initial stage. Although recipes offered by brand is made from perishable goods like eggs, for instance, people up till now used to eat traditional cuisines in restaurants hence it could best chance to start exclusive egg restaurant. In India, people have shown great love for foods from different culture. Leveraging technology to develop comprehensive platform, egg franchise opportunity is all about combination of modern era trends popular in food industry.

Distinguished menu   

Illustrious dishes prepared from fine ingredients. Assorted, luscious, flavourful, matchless, these are few of adjectives that define Andeywala very well. You can’t deny the fact that people always demand food items made from unique blend of spcies and ingredients. Here is the list of category wise recipes that would loved by every foodie person.


  • Italian omelette, sinful cheese omelette, Neapolitan Omelette, Spanish Omelette, fluffy cheese omelette, French potato omelette. These are few of varieties exclusively available.

Quick bites  

  • Sweet corn bullets, Shakshuka, Egg Manchurian, egg salads, egg momos, egg tikka, Masala Bhurji, egg waffle.


  • Bulls eye sandwich, egg chatney, and sweet sandwich.


  • Mexican, Russian and egg salad

Fried eggs

Egg chaat, Chilly cheese, Masala egg fry, deviled eggs