Egg restaurant franchise business opportunity in India

Egg Franchise

On the midnight of 1 July 2017, Indian government’s ambitious project GST bill was live (goods and service tax), this new tax system will give new power to bind the country into one market, one tax, one nation. The GST bill has brought several changes, prices of daily routine products will get impacted as well as it also change the way people do business in the country. Earlier when company shifted its business from one state to another, have to pay varied tax as per state laws but from today onwards no need to pay several taxes. A centralized GST bill was introduced to combine all taxes. It will benefit franchise business segment as well especially egg restaurant franchise. At present Indian show multi-cultured eating habits they prefer diversity; food industry is displaying a fusion of international and national cuisines. On the one hand egg franchise business is gaining popularity due to low investment as well as high demand for protein contained diets. On the other hand many global brands as well as domestic players have found egg industry a lucrative market to invest in.

With the implementation of GST, egg industry will be boomed because billion dollar investment will be made into industry to develop an organized market share. Egg restaurant franchise is a good choice as consumer of today’s generation is busy in corporate life. Few hours are left in day after hectic office workload, so luxurious nutrient oriented egg restaurant would mesmerise consumers. According to report by food analyst organization, Indian food and drinks in industry has been expanded rapidly over the years due to emergence of eating healthy breakfast as well as other ready to eat food stuffs. The young generation of country demand variety food items so to fulfil needs and wants of growing population egg restaurant will be effective business idea. Eggs are good source of proteins, vitamins and minerals, quality and fresh egg-derived dishes will add more value to Indian food diversity.