How egg business market is expected to progress in approaching years

Egg Franchise

Focusing on numbers Indian egg production is third largest in the world just behind China and USA. The per capita eggs consumption has been raise to from 30 to 65 approximately. There is wide scope for growth and business opportunities in egg industry. Number of egg products is available in market, for instance, cakes, bakery items and other food stuffs are prepared by using eggs.

Indian poultry market statistics

Indian government has designed ‘National livestock’ mission to encourage egg business owners to use latest technologies to produce better quality eggs. To promote egg farming government is providing financial assistance to poultry sector. Egg production was forecasted to 100 billion for 2017, up 6% from FY 2015-16. Major egg producing states are Andhra Pradesh, Punjab, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. Most consumers prefer fresh and quality eggs.

Egg restaurants

To transform unorganized egg market into organised, government has identified latest trends and opportunities. Exclusively egg restaurants are opened under government’s Start up India concept. In addition, private held egg franchise is increasing as well. For example, Andeywala an innovative egg franchise business model is designed to offer varieties of egg dishes to consumers. Egg restaurants are best way to earn huge profits but foods should be prepared by using standard procedures.

Upcoming opportunities

Only few multinational corporations are operating in Indian market till date. To facilitate new companies has enacted several laws to assistance them. Government permits 100 % FDI, trying to promote egg business at international market. Demand for healthy breakfasts is fuelling new egg restaurant establishments. Moreover egg industry was affected by bird flu, rates of unit eggs were increased but at present everything is in control. Even the cost of feeder used for hens is decreased. In coming years more business opportunities will be generated as Indian egg industry has shifted to professional industry with well developed infrastructure.